Monday, 13 January 2014

Bonecrker #7 - PMS

PMS is one of those gigantic lies that is disguised by a grain of truth. American women have a diet that swings from cake, candy, cookies, ice cream, chocolate, cocaine and booze on the one hand... to subsisting on a single string bean for days at a time on the other. Among many other things, this leaves your hormones completely out of whack. So when that time of the month comes around, they feel like shit. This is the grain of truth.

The lie that surrounds this grain of truth is that wild mood swings, hatred, and psychotic behavior go hand in hand with this. Yeah, women feel crappy because of the consequences of their foolish choices in life. But in no way does that lead to bad behavior. PMS is a myth... a myth that bad women try to use as an excuse for what they do.

The next time a woman tries to use PMS as an excuse for behaving badly, raise your eyebrows, look her straight in the eyes and say "So?"
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