Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bonecrker #62 - You Must Be A Loser

(Re.: A Female Response to an Online Dating Profile)

Note the assumption that since she doesn’t find your profile attractive, you must be a loser. "Loser" being a highly emotionally charged yet undefined term. In other words, you couldn’t ask, "Well, what could I do to not be a loser?" and get a legitimate answer. On a related topic, you couldn’t ask her what would make you a winner. You couldn’t change what you do in any way that would make her want you.

The sole purpose of her response is to blame you for a problem she has. You will actually see this pattern repeated over and over again. She does something wrong (which in this case she did…..she started to immediately criticize you over the slightest slip of the tongue). The normal response is to go, "Ummm, sorry. You’re an asshole. Bye." But, when you try to explain why, she acts like you are being incredibly insulting. Actually, her attitude is, "How dare you protest even the slightest bit about her heaping abuse on you!" To say that the correct response is to immediately break off contact with no explanation at all is putting it mildly. This person is sitting around wondering why all her interactions with men end with them either rejecting her or using her and then dumping her. This pattern is why.

And it's why she doesn’t deserve any better.
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