Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Bonecrker #60 - A Man Must Strive to Prevent Women from Having the Smallest Shred of Power Over Him

The fact that [anti-male] sentiments exist and are widespread is one of the biggest reasons why a man, every man, must strive to prevent women from having even the smallest shred of power over him. He must build his life and his decisions like a fortress…..create his life with this goal in mind, that if he EVER sees even the slightest hint of attitudes like this, from any specific woman, no matter in what sphere of his life, he immediately and permanently removes that woman from his life. And he strives to prevent any of his resources from being usurped to support that woman. And his decisions are always made in such a way as to reserve that right.

In practical terms that means no marriage and no living together. It means saying no to almost everything a woman asks of you. It means making sure she can’t get pregnant from you. It means not hiring women (and hiding that fact). It means not relying on women doctors, lawyers, accountants etc. It means voting against any candidate who tries to force you, through various means to support these women (ie no welfare, no child support laws, no funky divorce laws, and taxes and government spending, especially socialist spending kept to a minimum).

Women give great lip service to the tired old saying…..a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. But, what a lie that is. Without us, they starve. Let them starve.

BTW, heterosexual women aren’t the only group that hold attitudes like this, are not even the ones that hold these attitudes and agenda the strongest. This is the reality behind the facade of most, if not all, groups associated with the far left (and many on the far right). Groups like the ACLU and NOW and the pro-life movement. If you wonder why I am so hell bent against gay marriage, it’s because that issue isn’t about equality for gays, it’s about the availability of gay marriage serving THIS agenda: The destruction of marriage and the family. These people rationalize it (the insanity of this is extreme and obvious), by judging this way of life as somehow oppressive and unworthy….in need of tearing down to be replaced by something else. But, the truth is, these people are crazy and they hate everything and everyone. They know damn well, this is the normal way of doing things and, if you destroy it, nothing will replace it. People will suffer and die. That’s their goal. I refuse to cooperate. I am not fooled by their emotional and manipulative portrayal of this situation as one of equal rights, similar to the one we went through for race. It has nothing to do with that. And never did.
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