Friday, 8 February 2013

Bonecrker #20 - Rape Fantasies

Every woman I have ever met has had rape fantasies. It's part of the bigger problem that women find evil to be sexually exciting. The other side of the coin is they find love and goodness to be boring. You see this over and over and over again. Act like a total prick all the time and many women will be very attracted to you. They want you to hurt them in various ways including various violations like rape. The sicker the woman, the more real she will want it to be. Most women will seek out men who are likely to rape them for real. This is the real cause of rape in our culture. Rapists get tons and tons of dates while good men are treated with contempt. Part of it is a woman wants a man who is evil. But the other part is the rape fantasy. They want the type of man who is likely to rape them. I have a lot of experience with BDSM and I can tell you right now, those people are whacked. For them, nothing else exists but the degradation and humiliation of themselves and others. They always pretend it's just a fantasy that they want occasionally in the bedroom. But, it's a lie. They absolutely will not accept good behavior or intimacy from you, nor anything that approaches respect for yourself or others. If you won't cooperate, they will become bored with you and move on. They will be very vocal about denying this and insist you are ignorant for thinking so but you will observe this in every single woman who indulges in this. Self loathing is at the core of it.

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